Gallery – Incense Burners October 2016

Taking it deeper

Wanting to go deeper with both of my current adventures (Art Every Day Month & Intuition Bootcamp), I went with a card I drew last week to represent an element that needs some attention in my life. The card I drew was from the Mary-El Tarot deck – the “King of Swords”. The suite of swords represents the element air, which is symbolised in this card by the feathers, the clouds and even the bow and arrow. Air also represents the mental realm and knowledge or the written word, which can be seen in this card by all the words surrounding this warrior king figure.

This King is wise, has a sharp perception and knows that what he says or writes has an impact on his surroundings.

Burning some incense with one of my favourite incense burner, I meditated over this card and then let the pen glide over my journal page. The experience was intense. The feather standing upright, poised on its tip, the dragon’s claw grasping the crystal ball and then the blazing fire. I didn’t think about it, I just let the process unfold before my eyes. All I can say is, the experience it was invigorating.


art every day 2015 _ 08of30
Art Every Day Month 2015 – Day 8 and Intuition Bootcamp

Intertwining to become one

Day two and three of the „Art Every Day Month 2015” evolved into each other. Intertwining to become one…

Last Monday the Intuition Bootcamp hosted by Monica Garcia kicked off with a great circle of women coming together, circling. Drawing cards from our Tarot and Oracle card decks. Feeling into the cards and discussing their meaning, each of us gaining insights from each other’s interpretations. It is a great way to experience the cards and let the messages come through that are waiting to be recognised. After our intense video circle I took a pen and a piece of paper, closed my eyes, and let my hand be guided to create marks on the paper. This was like a big deep sigh. Ahhhhhh…

art every day 2015 _ 02of30_for Web
Art Every Day Month 2015 – Day 2

The next day I knew I wanted to take these squiggles further and see them transform into something else. It was interesting to notice that at first I was rather reluctant to let go of the squiggles! I let go and started to use water, added some colour and let two creatures emerge from underneath.

art every day 2015 _ 03of30 for Web
Art Every Day Month 2015 – Day 3

to join the challenge or if you would like to see what others are creating visit this site…


Start of Art Every Day Month 2015

This is my first post since I decided to transform Antra-Elthar into a blog space. My intention for this space is to come out of my nutshell and let you in on my latest adventures. Speaking of which this month is “Art Every Day Month” and I have taken on the challenge to create something every day for the next 30 days.
Yesterday was day 1 of this challenge and this little intuitive drawing came to life…

art every day 2015 _ 01of30_Web
art every day 2015 – Day 01/30

The message for me right now is “focused” and “centered”. It has vibrant energy but it also has a sense of calm to it.

Coming soon…

Hello dear Visitor,

Welcome to the Antra-Elthar site. So glad you are here. Soon these pages will be transformed into a blog spot, letting you in on my adventure which started last year, when we moved to this beautiful place near the Alps and the Bavarian lake Chiemsee.

At the beginning of this year (2015), I decided it would be best for me to build up my energy again and give myself the space and time I needed to do so, which turned my year into an extensive sabbatical, filled with all sorts of adventures. I would love to share these adventures with you, so I thought will be set up this space on my website to share all the new and exciting things in my life.

I would love to see you soon around here again.

Until then, much love to you and happy vibes,